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The suicide of Kaleif Browder

Kaleif Browder, the then-teenager who was accused of stealing a backpack and held on NY’s Rikers Island for three years before the prosecution dropped the charges, killed himself yesterday. A heartbreaking end to an incredibly tragic story.

The violence that he suffered while an inmate can be seen viewed here:

Violence inside Rikers Prison

WARNING: The video contains images that may be distressing to viewers.

New law to jail corrupt police


Dishonest police officers will face up to 14 years’ imprisonment under a new criminal offence of police corruption unveiled in the wake of allegations of serious failings in Scotland Yard’s investigation into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence

Top police forces in the dock over discrimination enquiries

Three of Britain’s biggest police forces face damning criticism over their failure to hold racist officers to account after it emerged that their internal investigations have failed to uphold a single discrimination complaint from members of the public.

Complaints were poorly handled from “beginning to end” and inquiries were found to be riven with failings – even when the officers being investigated left racist messages using social media and police-issue mobile phones, a watchdog found in a report.

Home Secretary Theresa May orders public inquiry into police ‘spying’ during Stephen Lawrence murder investigation

The home secretary has ordered a public inquiry into the undercover infiltration of political groups after an independent inquiry confirmed that Scotland Yard had spied on the family of Stephen Lawrence.

Theresa May‘s decision came after an inquiry conducted by Mark Ellison QC found that the Metropolitan police planted “a spy in the Lawrence family camp”.

In a dark day for the Met’s reputation, May branded the revelations “profoundly shocking and disturbing”, adding that “policing stands damaged today”. She warned that the “full truth” had yet to emerge.

The betrayal of Stephen Lawrence – Review by Mark Ellison QC outlines police corruption and ‘spying’

Theresa May orders a new public enquiry as the report by Mark Ellison QC suggests extensive corruption within the Metropolitan Police Force during the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence. The report can be accessed here: