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How and why did Sheku Bayoh die?

Sheku Bayoh, a 31-year-old local man, originally from Sierra Leone and a father of two, died in police custody in Kirkcaldy on 3 May.

The circumstances of his death –  he was clamped in leg shackles and handcuffs when taken unconscious to hospital, until medics insisted these restraints be removed – have caused outrage, as has the way that he and his family have been treated by the local police, the Scottish Police Federation and a seemingly indifferent Scottish government.

Hundreds gathered outside Kirkcaldy police station on the day of his funeral for two minutes’ silence. Many want to know the truth. What is not disputed is that Bayoh was left unconscious after a pavement encounter with at first four, and then a further five, police officers, who used batons, CS gas and pepper spray, responding to reports that he had a knife.

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Decorated policeman charged with murder over Azelle Rodney shooting

A decorated former Scotland Yard marksman involved in a botched armed operation against a drugs gang was charged yesterday with murdering one of the suspects.

Known only as E7, he is just the third officer in the last two decades to be charged with murdering a suspect in the line of duty.

Police failures contributed to the death of Cherry Groce at her home in 1985

Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce inquest finds police failures contributed to her death

Jury finds police failed to communicate properly during search for Groce’s son in a planned raid at her home in south London.

Dorothy Groce, known as Cherry, was wounded and paralysed by armed police who were searching for her son in a planned raid at her home in south London. A jury at Southwark coroner’s court found that police failed to communicate properly during the hunt for Michael Groce and to adequately check who was living at the address before the raid. Groce died 26 years after the shooting in 2011, aged 63, from kidney failure, which a pathologist directly linked to the gunshot injury.

Fruitvale Station – ‘sensitive’ and ‘impressive’ film based on police shooting of Oscar Grant in 2009

Fruitvale Station is currently showing in cinemas. The film tells the story of Oscar Grant, a 22 year old African American male shot dead by a police officer in 2009. Reviews of this moving film, a Sundance hit that also went to Cannes,  can be read at: