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Freddie Gray and the need for urgent police reform

Congressman Elijah Cummings asked the key question at Freddie Gray’s funeral: “Did anyone recognize Freddie when he was alive?” He is right. What are we doing for the countless nameless and faceless young black men, women and children, who interact with the criminal justice system and law enforcement officers every day? ….

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New Study: Deaths in Police Encounters in Maryland

The ACLU has published a study recording the deaths arising during interaction with police in Maryland. It makes for sober reading. In the last five years, at least 109 people died in these encounters in Maryland, nearly 70% of them Black and more than 40% unarmed.

The study can be found in the Bibliography section of this site.

Black Experiences of Policing in the USA

Although this site is focused on race and policing in the European Union, events in North America are very pertinent to the topic and will be disseminated on this web site. This post contains links to articles and information arising from the recent killings.

Advice African-American parents give to their sons:


Details of unarmed people of colour killed by the police:

Details of police shootings, using FBI data:

Home Office issues guidelines on use of Stop and Search powers

The Home Secretary has published the ‘Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme’. Features of the Scheme include data recording, lay observation, a stop and search complaints ‘community trigger’ as well as initiatives to reduce Section 60 ‘no-suspicion’ stop and searches. The hope is that the Scheme will encourage strategic use of stop and search powers,  thereby improving public confidence and trust.

Decorated policeman charged with murder over Azelle Rodney shooting

A decorated former Scotland Yard marksman involved in a botched armed operation against a drugs gang was charged yesterday with murdering one of the suspects.

Known only as E7, he is just the third officer in the last two decades to be charged with murdering a suspect in the line of duty.

Police failures contributed to the death of Cherry Groce at her home in 1985

Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce inquest finds police failures contributed to her death

Jury finds police failed to communicate properly during search for Groce’s son in a planned raid at her home in south London.

Dorothy Groce, known as Cherry, was wounded and paralysed by armed police who were searching for her son in a planned raid at her home in south London. A jury at Southwark coroner’s court found that police failed to communicate properly during the hunt for Michael Groce and to adequately check who was living at the address before the raid. Groce died 26 years after the shooting in 2011, aged 63, from kidney failure, which a pathologist directly linked to the gunshot injury.